Point Doom (EP)

by Team Callahan

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These are three songs are from our upcoming full length, Afterglow. Download them for free and enjoy!


released July 28, 2015

Team Callahan is Nick and Kathleen Arnal.

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Team Callahan with the help of:
Jackson Davis - vocals on The Apartment. keys and organ on Best Friend.
Shaundra McGuire - vocals on Best Friend.

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering.



all rights reserved


Team Callahan Denver, Colorado

Team Callahan is husband and wife duo, Nick and Kathleen Arnal. The band’s genesis took place in sunny St. Petersburg, FL while recording their music on weekends. Shortly after finishing Afterglow, the couple relocated to Denver, CO, bringing FL charm to the wild west. ... more

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Track Name: Point Doom
It seemed like centuries ago
When the monks crossed the mountain tombs
Malibu, El Camino and a sipping tea lemonade room
We ponder all that we could lose
In a theater dark
The cross of Jesus sees it all
His red blood’s on the bark

Those beach-kids try and break their hearts
Out at Point Doom
Beach nation, blacker chords
And a wild and restless moon
That dumb green took all my friends
You know they try to be so surf
They’re acting like they don’t care
Gonna ride it till it hurts

We skate behind the studio
Asphalt and slammed doors you know

That west coast tried to drag me down
Inside my cold and crazy head
Can’t get no sleep in LA
Gotta get back to my own bed

Sitting in my room
Think about our time at Point Doom
Everything was so young
Spent our summer howling at the moon
Everything went black
Doesn’t help to take a look back
All alone in the dark
Filling up the pieces of my heart
Now I live the endless summer
Always follow his son
Red rocks to my left
Pacific sand on my tongue
Now my body is the Spirit’s home
And I never have to be alone
Track Name: The Apartment
These walls will eat me if I don’t get outside
Seeing life through a window, a screen inside my mind
Ok, I know, I’m acting like a child
Re-reading Gatsby for the hundredth time

We talk in circles and analyze our friends
Bring up the album like it’s never gonna end
You work so hard you could make somebody sick
Circuit board sleeping, it’s your nervous tick

Never know till you find it

Springtime summer can I press rewind?
Moving mountains, leave our past behind
I turned my back on the city where I grew
Can’t stand old money and I can’t afford the new
You flip through Joyce like it was something in the Times
Now you’re slinging cold ones
Cause they could never compensate your mind

Fresh out of college and nothing more to do
Neurotic burn-out and I’m only 22
Action’s impossible when you’re bored and alone

Stain out the carpet, screaming in the hall
Think about the end, death according to Saint Paul
First year of marriage was gone in a flash
Spent in listless day dreaming and taking out the trash
Track Name: Best Friend
I have dreams that scare me
Probably won’t come true
The highway every morning
It’s the season’s view
Don’t you try and find me
I don’t wanna be found
Don’t you say you know me
I’m always up and down

I spent 21 years to try and figure it out
You spent three long years just chasing me down

Never felt hotter driving in my truck
Your light goes on forever
I guess you are my rabbit’s luck
Forgive me my emotions
I have to swim up stream
Hold my hand this instant
And take my blue, blue scream

I spent 21 years to try and figure it out
You spent three long years just chasing me down

Good heart, dark heart,
Kind heart and cruel heart
Bad things, last spring
Circles never start

All you punks and posers
Try and break my run
All these triple visions
Shoot me like a gun
But you’re my shaking forest
Always blow your wind
You’re my college campus
Major in my best friend